I love working with found sounds (non-musical objects from a ping pong ball to oven shelves via climbing gear) to make my music. I discovered the delicious sounds of Coolicon lampshades thanks to the late great electronic music pioneer Delia Derbyshire (producer of the original Dr Who theme) who once described them as her best sound.

I hereby invite you to check out the sonorities of lampshades and other objects you encounter where you can – it’s all about uncovering the magic in the seemingly mundane!

With thanks to Delia for introducing me to the lovely sound world of Coolicon lampshades.

Thanks to Deliaphonic Festival in Coventry for commissioning the first outing of this installation, Coolicon for providing me with lampshades and Steven Lopacki (SL77_bespoke) for building support. Installation filmed by Ben Cook of Deliaphonic.

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