I hereby offer you my new single “Dreamers for Elisa”

A Bandcamp digital release with 2 remixes by brilliant artist/producers Donna Maya and Mark Hand.

Video by film maker Maria Rubans (Luna Films, Manchester Art Gallery).

“Electric Mountain” has been gratefully supported by the Do It Differently Fund by Help Musicians UK.

20% of bandcamp sales will go to UK music charities Help Musicians UK and We Make Events.


Written, produced and mixed by Caro C
Mastered by Blacklisted Mastering

Video by Maria Ruban

Mammoth thanks to Donna Maya and Mark Hand for their powerful remixes
Thanks to Gemma Leighton for having a dream where we were told to get ready to be magnificent which I think inspired the use of the word magnificent here.

Elisa Artesero for “Dreamers” dance show that spawned Dreamers For Elisa.

Artwork credits:
Photo by Shirlaine Forrest (MCR, UK)
Fire pixie dress by Alison Hamilton Bespoke Clothing (MCR, UK)
Hair and makeup by Having a Hairmare (MCR, UK)

“The magma in you, the magma in me.

And our magnificent capacity for renewal”

“Dreamers for Elisa” is a burst of sensual electronica, self-produced on a laptop by your truly, once described by the BBC as “one-woman electronic avalanche.” The perfect post lockdown spring anthem, it is charged with life force, fuelled by a passionate and playful fire in the belly, that divine spark that won’t let you give up despite what life throws at you. After absorbing this detailed and lovingly crafted piece, I hope you will feel renewed and invincible, ready to shine in this crazy wonderful world.

“It’s about how as humans we have the capacity to change everyday. To evolve, let go of the past and co-create our future. It’s about tapping into your power to both survive and thrive. Then you can build on that resource and become more resilient, whatever life throws at you. It’s for dancing like nobody’s watching, until we can hopefully dance together again soon. It’s about the raw power that’s in nature and therefore in us.”

The origin story of this track

“Dreamers for Elisa” started life as the glowing finale to commissioned new music for a dance and light show called “Dreamers” by fellow Manchester based artist Elisa Artesero. The title is also a play on words as Beethoven’s “Fuer Elise” is probably the only piece of the traditional Western classical repertoire that this largely self-taught musician can actually play smoothly. Humour is an important part of this sonic adventurer’s self-expression.


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