A new commission for 2024. After being the Mama and midwife of others’ art in 2023 via my work with Delia Derbyshire Day, I am enjoying connecting with my creative impulses anew. After beavering away in Manchester for over 15 years with my sonic adventuring, I finally work with/for Walk the Plank, as so many other MCR creatives have done.

This project is all about the Manchester, Bury and Bolton Canal. It actually went through Salford but they didn’t think Salford sounded as sexy when they were looking for investment to build the canal. It is the Salford section of the canal that we are animating here, for an 8 location sound walk taking place on 18 and 19 May. I’m co-creating a piece with some school children, unlocking their imaginations as they create characters who are part of the non-human community by the old canal. My location is truly hidden and without water, it just looks like a derelict end of a road next to rubbish tips and scrapyards. But as one child wrote, this place may seem “drab”, but it is in fact teeming with life…just not human ones. The other 7 locations will be animated with music and audio by a lovely bunch of Salford/Greater Manchester artists and fellow Europeans.

Part of the project is about European collaborations, which have been hindered somewhat since Brexit and Covid for me. I have been matched with Wytse Dijkstra who is from Leeuwarden in North Netherlands – a city rich in canals. I look forward to visiting and travelling by train in particular. Wytse is the founder and project leader of Creative Embassies, a European exchange network fostering collaboration among young artists, musicians, and creatives which I am excited to be part of – Ich suis Europeana after all.

More info coming about sound walk event in Salford on 18/19 May in due course…


Click here to visit Walk the Plank Hidden Canals project page