live music

"Refreshing, different and enlightening – loved the whole sensual experience"

 – Audience feedback

"You're a natural performer, generously and bravely showing up and opening up"

– Audience feedback

"By being free, you give me permission to be free too. Thank you"

– Audience feedback, Paris

"A mesmerising performance"

– Audience feedback

I think it’s hard to beat the magic of a good gig! I perform solo and with guest musicians. Many of my collaborations and commissions involve live performance, where I trust my intuitive approach in the moment.

I also present talks and seminars sharing my knowledge and experience of surviving and thriving as an artist/composer, women in electronic music, music production/studio engineering, electronic music education and Delia Derbyshire, one of the godmothers of electronic music.

upcoming live performances

I’ve not committed to any live dates in the next few months but do try and tempt me out of my sonic sanctuary!

I have a piano based set as well as more electronic kit based.

I am currently developing a live/DJ hybrid set with Anthony Murphy (Deranged Nights) around the theme of mycelium – using quotes from scientists talking about the wonder of mycelium networks and fungi – “radical mycological possibilities abound!” (Rupert Sheldrake)

I have released a live recording of my bespoke ambient set for Subliminal Impulse 2022 – see embed below.

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Get in touch via my Contact page if you’d like me to invite me to perform live or do a talk, workshop, info gig etc.

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Previous performances

I have enjoyed my fair share of magic gigs, both in the UK and in Europe from intimate venues to larger scale settings, for example:

Venues: Bridgewater Hall, Museum of Science and Industry, People’s History Museum, Fuel Bar, Wonder Inn, Ruby Lounge, Manchester Art Gallery, Whitworth Art Gallery, Horse Hospital (London)

Festivals: Blue Dot, Perspectives (Berlin), Festival Number 6, Full of Noises, Generator (Newcastle, UK), Supersonic (Birmingham, UK).

Events: Delia Derbyshire Day, Ada Lovelace Day, Ladyfest 

Talks: Synth Fest UK, Royal Institute of Science (London), Women’s Work (Belfast), Birmingham Conservatoire, Sound and Music Young Composers’ Summer School, Musica Festival (University of Manchester)



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