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Electric Mountain (2020)

My fourth album “Electric Mountain” is currently in construction and I hope to release it Oct/Nov 2020, Covid-19 allowing.

The production costs of this album are supported by Help Musician UK’s Do It Differently Fund. Find out more in my projects page.

The album will be available in digital, CD and bamboo USB stick format.

Join my mailing list (below) and social media channels to follow the exciting development of this new work where I am falling in love with the possibility of electronic sound all over again.

In the mean (and kind) time, explore my previous releases below.

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Everything Gives to Something Else (2016)

Item Name: “Everything Gives to Something Else” (2016), CD and digital format.

Item Description: My third album with a theme this time of interconnection.

“I was thrilled to receive and listen to your CD. I’m in awe and joy”

“CD is beautiful and magical. Well done”

“It looks and sounds awesome, you’ve done something wonderful there.”

Item Price: Buy CD direct from me, or buy digital tracks from Bandcamp.

CD: £9.50 inc P&P in the UK. Please contact me for postage costs outside the UK.

Til You’re No Longer Blinkered (2010)

Item Name: Til You’re No Longer Blinkered (2010), digital format, CD sold out.

Item Description: Second album produced in Manchester, featuring lots of amazing musicians.

“shows off another way that she has been working with other artists in her continuing drive for musical evolution… one of Manchester’s most unique musical assets.” BBC introducing feature.

Es Muss Sein (2007)

Item Name: “Es Muss Sein” debut album, Phonector, 2007, CD and digital.

Item Description: Produced while in Berlin (2005-7). My electro-punk beginnings juxtaposed with ambient explorations.

“stirs up thoughts of the Berlin experimental underground, somewhere between a sleepy Crass & a mellow Chicks on Speed.” Norman Records

“utilising a fine mix of minimal instrumentation and maximum imagination to full effect.” Record Collector Mag

Item Price: £6.50 inc. P&P in the UK. Please contact me for postage cost outside of UK.


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