Caro C music

humanity via technology

“Caro C creates an expressive and intuitive blend of electronics, vocals, piano and strings"

 – Norman Records

"an artist realising the sound of her own unconstrained imagination"

– Cath Aubergine, Up Down Escalator

"shows women’s ability to transform through music, rather than conform"

– Louder Than War

"Super-charged with other-worldly atmospherics...she contemplates life’s rich tapestry in her own inimitable manner"

– Crack Magazine

I only started making music thanks to being laid up whilst living in a double decker bus in the late 1990’s. I have now produced 3 albums, performed across Europe and enjoy international radio play.

My fourth album “Electric Mountain” is now out with support from Help Musicians UK’s Do It Differently Fund. I fell in love with the possibilities of electronic sound all over again, meticulously crafting an immersive sound world with my palette of voice, found sounds, piano, electronics and lithophone (like a xylophone but made of slate, see the mountain link?!).

I have performed at most of the cultural hotspots in Manchester such as The Bridgewater Hall, Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester Art Gallery, Band on the Wall, Fuel Bar and Anthony Burgess Foundation. I have also performed at The Royal Institute (of Science) in London and a couple of bigger festivals like Blue Dot and Festival Number 6.

There’s a fire in this belly as I explore the wonder and wounds of being on this human journey. There’s also a fierce love of the natural world. I love being IN the sound, crafting adventurous new music for the head, heart and haunches.

I also make music for other artforms and purposes. See the commissions, projects and now page in the main menu above for more about my nourishing and flourishing musical activities.


“Shimmering Gear” is a track on my latest album “Electric Mountain,” my fourth and self-produced album. Check out the musical sounds of trad climbing gear here, with the sparkly clinks of nuts and the deep clunks of hexes.

Video footage kindly provided by Stuart Hurworth from his helmet cam while on the Karabiner Mountaineering Club’s 2019 expedition to Kyrgyzstan. The team of 6 mountaineers completed 4 first ascents!

I wanted to make a pretty piece of music celebrating the serene aspects of being in and on the mountains.


Listen to and buy my new album “Electric mountain” (2021) 

"Merci! J'adore! Nice sound & great voice. It's really peaceful"

 – Happy customer of third album “Everything Gives to Something Else (2016)

"like being in an electronic womb!"

– Happy customer of fourth album “Electric Mountain” (2021)

“Moving. Deep. Transcendental. Real. Funny. Sensuous. In the now.”

– Audience response to Caro C live performance

"Enchantingly wonderful, emotional and sonically captivating"

– Happy customer of third album “Everything Gives to Something Else (2016)

"You were indeed Cinderella at the ball - sculpting your magic over us all"

– Audience response to Caro C live performance when I got to play a Steinway piano