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creative commissions

I have enjoyed a wonderful variety of opportunities making emotive music and sensitive sound design for other artforms including dance, theatre, film and installations. Responding to each brief with my developed intuition and deep compassion, I love tuning into and then supporting the creative vision of others.

Get in touch via my contact page if you’d like to talk about how I could contribute to your  project.

A few examples of recent commissions

My third time producing music/sound design for dance. I always wanted to explore the physical yet intangible language of movement with sound, music and voice. I produced and performed a live soundtrack for Company of Others, supporting a dance theatre show telling powerful stories of endings. Funded by Arts Council England, and many supportive partners.

It was such an honour to be invited to collaborate with artist/video art pioneer Madelon Hooykaas. Madelon worked with both Delia Derbyshire and Li Yuan Chia (look up both of these amazing humans if you don’t know them). Commissioned by Manchester Art Gallery, LYC Foundation and supported by Paul Mellon Centre.

Commissioned by The Robot Orchestra, we performed this piece for the launch of Manchester Science Partnerships. Produced by Squirrel Nation. Collaborating with Noisy Toys and Harry Ovington, we created a piece that chartered 24 hours in the city, including data sonification – turning Mobike usage data into musical parameters (such as pitch and rhythm).

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