I really am thankful nigh on everyday for being able to do more so free of yesteryear’s draining pain. O the joy for lucky me. And this year already has some right fun creative music projects in store.

DD DAY 2014

After the shimmering success of Delia Derbyshire Day 2013 in Manchester, UK and the following North England tour dates, we are now getting into gear for DD Day 2014 and a handful of tour dates (LONDON, BRISTOL, NORWICH & HEBDEN BRIDGE) that take our programme to South England too.

DD Day 2014 image by Andrea Pazos

DD Day 2014 will take place on SAT 12 APRIL at the lovely Anthony Burgess Foundation in MCR and touring stops will be LONDON, BRISTOL, NORWICH and HEBDEN BRIDGE. With new artist commissions & new archive sharing more info can be found at Delia Derbyshire Day.

Delia D electronic music project in schools

The Delia Derbyshire inspired music project pilot went great last term and this term I have another school signed up. Which means more amazing found sound loop-based imaginary TV themes coming your way.. Click here be heartily entertained by the charismatic outcomes of the pilot projects.

Electro-Brass – a commission for Durham Brass Festival

And I am currently embarking on a new commission in collaboration with fellow Manchester based composer and trumpet player Eve Harrison. Electro-Brass is a playful exploration of the often overlooked mechanical and physical sounds of playing brass instruments. The audience will journey from creative manipulation of the inner mechanical sounds of the instruments into the pure and lyrical melodies for which brass are reknown and finally be uplifted by the celebratory fusion of electronic and acoustic music for the closing beat-led fanfare. The piece will premiere at Durham Brass Festival in July 2014.

Bring on the year of the HORSE! And, well wishing and wishing wells if needed to you dear visitor..