Amidst the long overdue spinal surgery and it’s o so gently does it recuperation, it was nice to be asked to be Featured Artist of this month for Manchester-based arts organisation Full Circle Arts.

We talked of plans for this year – which are now possible though presently at a minimum ie. caro snatch album live launch in Manchester by the end of the year/beginning 2012.

Of course, there is more in store: what with learning new software and more than my fair share of healthy collaboration offers i will certain to be kept in mischief.

Oh, and a remix of the album album..

I was, as an artist/engineer of independent music, also asked for advice for emerging artists which included keep emerging, connecting and learning.

And a few other websites of recommendation, from the political to the comedy.

Apply gentle yet decisive pressure here to peruse said feature

And finally, I can’t enough of this sublime, delicate lady’s dazzlingly creative music: