Magic Moments and the power of doing it right live…

Came across an interview with Tom Jackson in CD baby podcast #043. It is his livelihood but he got me thinking on the special set of ingredients that bake or fry a magic performance. Being good live is another skill on top of being a good musician, vocal/musical training. He talks of the central point of a gig is to create moments, then the audience want to take the song home cos they want to feel that moment again.

What is that moment/those moments? For me as an audience member i feel it is intimate or authentically expressive, when they show their fragility/raw reason for writing the track. To snatch a glimpse of their duende at play with my almost naked eye. I am touched by performers that carry out the song how they feel (like) it. O, and i’m afraid i do like a bit of chat – i am there in the same room as this person who is usually on represented by plastic or radiowaves (etc..please adapt as appropriate to your chosen listening mediums).

duende 2

I would like to feel like i knew them a little more as a human. Being. Tom Jackson talks of emotional connection between audience and artist/stage occupier. Don’t agree with wanting to emulate Bono but there is some useful nuggets for thought in here. Planning, personality and adapt technical/creative structure of output for live appeal – taking yer time.

“create moments, not just songs”

Full interview here