i was invited to sit on the panel for this year’s, the second Unconvention music convention here in Salford and wasn’t sure i’d have much to offer. But it was in fact very engaging and self affirming as I was one of 6 artists/label maker who were all operating quite happily while not being mainstream nor looking for mainstream success.

One dynamic chap Steve Lawson (who of course i happen to randomly know as someone had told me about his well-bodied blog), said he would hate to have a hit record and spend 2 weeks on a tour bus, hence celebrating the possibility that there are alternative ways of thriving with your music. The importance of risk was mentioned by Stef Lewendowski at Type Records and he also highlighted the need of trust and filtering.

Thanks to finding on Steve Lawson’s blog, here’s the whole panel discussion:

Was great to be part of it all and my input included don’t limit yourself – there is a wealth of opportunity out there beyond the i need everyone to love me, once i get signed my life will be great myth. List your skills, it’s a rich adventure. Be authentic. Other nuggets we came out with include the Internet rewards the industrious, curious and may not be relevant at all to your audience as in case of wonderfully intriguing Lady Georgina’s 18th century pop band, keep an eye on your goals and plans, google doc your business plans so can be fluid/update-able. Remember what you really want and check what it involves.

Well done un-convention, keep up the sterling work!