As I have confessed many a time, a solo artist is seldom a solo endeavour. And my most recent album “Electric Mountain” is no different. I am therefore delighted that creative comrades old and new have remixed tracks from Electric Mountain.

Approximately a year on from the release of Electric Mountain, we hereby offer a collection of lovingly crafted remixes by:

Suddi Raval – A “Fierce Love” epic electro voyage by former Lancashire/MCR, now London based acid house pioneer;

Dr Nojoke – the Berlin clikno meister plays with “Ton Klang Klingt” (various words relating to sound or noise in German;

Janet Wolstenholme – Manchester music maker & sound engineer, I’ve known, played and worked with Janet since I arrived in MCR. Janet’s created a gorgeous vocal harmony piano driven dreamy remix of “Little Song”;

Steevio – Toon 90’s fellow raver responds to “Fierce Love”, rocking his modular groovy minimal techno thing;

Hello Cosmos – a reciprocal remix from MCR’s punk electronic recreating the struggle and plateau of climbing (“Mighty Like Mountain”)

Catenation – female:pressure comrades get deep and dirty on “Ton Klang Klingt” with an industrial headbanger brimming with “Rausch” (=frenzy);

Bloom’s Taxonomy – London based electronica maker creates a classic dreamy electronica remix with “Little Song”;

Mark Corrin – and finally Manchester music mate since I arrived here in 2007, Mark Corrin created a lush ambient remix of “Ode to Electronic” using only my voice as sound source.

Gorgeous “Lino Mountain” cover art by Louis Bailey. Follow @we_rare_things_prints on Instagram for more lovely visual stimulation.

Soon to also be available on Spotify and other exploitative platforms 🙂

All sales will be shared between the artists as they kindly did these remixes unpaid. It’s what we do sometimes and I am moved and most grateful that they did. Support the artists if you can – share, buy, shout about Electric Mountain Remixed. 


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