Due to sufficient demand (even Scanner asked for it!), I have released a live recording of the final rehearsal before I played the set live at Subliminal Impulse ambient Sunday (end June 2022) in MCR, UK.

I produced this set especially for this gig, working with sounds and ideas from my recent album “Electric Mountain” as well as recent commissions including Echoes of Invention (with permission and fully credited) and a Coolicon lampshade installation for Deliaphonic Festival, March 2022.

It is intended as a balm, a calming meditation.

Found sounds include a colander played with a chopstick; one small, one medium and one large Coolicon lampshade; a ruler twanged on a table edge; oven shelves, dry tree bark, dried leaves, a ping pong ball, trad climbing gear, the sizzle of a hot frying pan under a cold water tap
and two glass tumbler bases ricocheting together


“Undulations” cover art by Wendy Carroll
Instagram @wendycarrollphotography
Twitter @WendyWcarroll

Featuring voices from Bladder & String’s Echoes of Invention project I worked on in Spring 2022. Echoes of Invention is an audio project created by Bladder & String which features voices talking about dreams, ageing, afterlife and faith inspired by Inventions for Radio.
This section also features singing tones by Tom Simkins and Wes Finch who were singers on Echoes of Invention.

Thank you Subliminal Impulse for inviting me to this ambient live music challenge.

Thanks to Coolicon for the lovely lampshades and Deliaphonic Festival, Coventry, for commissioning my Coolicon Sound Bath installation for Deliaphonic 2022.

Thanks to everyone who gave me encouraging feedback on the day which propelled me to share this recording.

Thank you to my supportive mycelium, a solo act is rarely a solo endeavour!

Composed, produced, mixed and mastered by Caro C.

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