To complete the podcast interviews for 2021 for Sound On Sound magazine’s electronic music podcast channel, it was a nerdy joy to talk to J Willgoose Esq. about his band Public Service Broadcasting and their new album “Bright Magic.”

Public Service Broadcasting (PSB) are best known in the electronica ecosystem for working with archives and building emotive tracks and albums around subjects such as The Space Race and the coal mining industry. But not anymore. Bright Magic is inspired by Berlin and heavily seasoned with an epic synthesiser called “Deckard’s Dream” which is a kind of newer model of the Yamaha CS-80 (which I use a lot in the software version) and inspired by Vangelis’ sound for the original Bladerunner film, hence the name.

J was in the process of preparing the album for live touring shows when we spoke, so he was deep in the world of Bright Magic and it was ace to hear more about how the band works, both live and in the studio.

Click here to visit the PSB SOS podcast page