Author and activist Manda Scott (The Boudica Series, Orange Prize shortlisted novelist) set up Accidental Gods 2 years ago now to reach more people with her dedicated work to promote and support conscious evolution – to help “create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” (Charles Eisenstein).

106 episodes later, Accidental Gods is honing its focus on the way through to creating the world we want and preserving the amazing earth we inhabit. Manda has called this thru-topia and I love the concept! As Manda says, there are plenty of doomsday end of the world narratives, but not enough what it would look like if we got it right and how to get there.

I tend to work on this every Monday. It’s work with emotional labour as the state of our world is disheartening to say the least. But it is also heartwarming to hear from so many amazing folk who are working towards a more respectful (to people, other species and planet) and harmoniious present and future.

I love the sensitivity I can put into podcast production. I want the voices to sound as transparent and human but also clear and consistent so there are lots of major and micro adjustments that need to be made to hopefully provide a smooth and warm listening experience that the listener wants to return to. Check it out, join the ever growing listener-ship of this solution focused listening fodder.

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