I’m excited and a little nervous, to get back out there with live music.

I have been invited to play at Anthony Burgess Foundation in Manchester on Friday 26 November.

The evening will culminate in a performance by Tom Richards (who rebuilt the Mini Oramics machine invented by BBC Radiophonic Workshop co-founder and amazing electronic music pioneer Daphne Oram) with artist Frances Scott, whose book Incantation, Wendy precedes Wendy, her forthcoming film fan-letter to Carlos.

I’m doing a support slot and  feeling a gentle improvised set would be a nice way to return to performing live. 

My slot will be an
improvisation on Electric Mountain –  taking sounds, lyrics and instrumentation ideas from my latest album Electric Mountain using piano, synths, voice, electronics, climbing gear, oven shelves, a ping pong ball and a panoply of samples.