It was a joy to chat music and space with Ralph Lawson and Ben Randm – both Leeds, UK based artists and DJ’s. I was representing Delia Derbyshire and our electronic music charity Delia Derbyshire Day whilst also talking about my new album Electric Mountain

We got proper nerdy honouring Delia’s pioneering work whilst selecting a soundtrack for heading out into space. Featuring and unpacking examples of Delia’s work including some minimal techno and sublime ambient music, I also selected classics by Suzanne Ciani (the next guest on the podcast) and a disco remix of “the five notes” from Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

When they made an original playlist, the Golden Record, for the Voyager mission launched in 1977,  no electronic music was included. The Platinum disc track is an effort to right this wrong (semi-joking here). 

Guests to follow in this intriguing podcast concept are John Shepherd (dedicated to making contact with ET life), Paul Hartnoll (from Orbital), Helena Hauff, Keith Tucker, Scientist, Crazy P (also MCR based) and more. So check in, check it out and be prepared for a voyage of musical discovery!

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