I had a right deep chat with author Manda Scott (check out the 4 part Boudica Series) about my adventures in sound and music. Manda has been running this podcast for nearly 2 years now and every week invites amazing guests (not talking about myself here!) who are working in the spheres of art, science, politics, social change, philosophy, environmentalism and agriculture – all in the service of conscious evolution. I have edited and mastered every one of those conversations so have been influenced by the ideas and actions, knowledge of the problems and amazing creative solutions of Manda’s guests.

And then there’s little me talking about the magic, the medicine of sound and music; how I avoided music at school but it actually gave me some belonging when I was laid up in my twenties. How sitting out in my garden most mornings with my cat has helped me feel more part of the web of life and inspired lyrics on my new album Electric Mountain

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