It’s nice to hear my music being played on tut radio waves!

Rising star composer/musician Hannah Peel has described Electric Mountain as a “magical record” and played a track on her recent Night Tracks show which was centred around the film Sisters With Transistors that I worked on too. The Night Tracks show is a recommended journey in more ambient music, electronic and not.

Listen to Night Tracks on BBC Radio 3

Max Reinhardt was a great supporter of my music when he was on BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction, describing me as a “sonic enchantress” and my music as “enveloping.” Now he has a show on Soho Radio and continues to support my sonic offerings as he played Electric Mountain album track ‘Curveballs’ as part of a ping pong DJ thing with Nick Luscombe recently. Another heartily recommended show 🙂

Check out Max Reinhardt’s Late Lunch show on Soho Radio 

And another one I am aware of and want to recommend is the IEG Electronica show by Lippy Kid for Matlock Free Radio.

Lippy Kid is an electronica artist himself so always nice when another producer digs your sound. Formerly MCR embedded but now based in Derbyshire, he was telling me how he has found a lovely creative community out there in the hills and his recently established record label is doing really well too.

Check out Lippy Kid’s IEG Electronica show on Matlock Free Radio