A new short art film “In The Footsteps of Li-Yuan Chia and Delia Derbyshire” by Madelon Hooykaas will premiere at International Film Festival Rotterdam!

I so enjoyed making the soundtrack for a new short art film by video art pioneer and artist Madelon Hooykaas. The soundtrack is an ambient piano based piece. My first experiments with prepared piano (putting objects on piano strings to change the sound of the piano as you play it), this soundtrack also includes found sounds such as a ping pong ball. Trivia link: Li-Yuan Chia had a 3 way ping pong table in his LYC museum/gallery in Cumbria which Delia Derbyshire worked at.

We are excited that “In the Footsteps of Li-Yuan Chia and Delia Derbyshire” will premiere at the prestigious International Film Festival Rotterdam in early June 2021.

There will be online and in person screenings. Madelon lives in the Netherlands so will be present at the cinema screening and take part in a post screening Q&A session.

If you are in the Netherlands, check it out!

It is available to view online 2-9 JUNE

Cinema screening event is THURS 3 JUNE.

If not, then like me, you can rejoice that in person cinema events are happening again so people can experience this lovingly crafted work in premium visual and audio quality.

Click here to visit IFFR for tickets and info