I have been sorely missing the magic of co-creating new artistic offerings with others over the last year. So it was a joy to be invited to work with Contemporary Forward, Rochdale Arts and Heritage Service to create a live bespoke soundtrack for a new contemporary dance piece.

“Click” is a 10 minute live recorded Zoom performance choreographed by Lili Rushton and Sandra Williams, mentored by brillant choreographer Ruth Jones (Walk the Plank, MCR Pride). The final piece was performed online to showcase the amazing work by the over 50’s whilst challenging the preconceptions of what art by and for the over 50’s looks like.

It was great to have to tune in, come up with and trust ideas quickly again. It took a bit to get round the obstacles of connecting Ableton and my mics to Zoom and how it is set up for voices not music (there’s biox to tick to get around this so do ask if you have this problem!). I give thanks to Guillaume Dujat for help with this. Found sounds for this one included the cutlery-o-phone, a collander and a bucket drum.

I was also ace to perform the new work, feel the thrill of performance again, responding live to the dancers as we give each other the necessary cues to keep the flow of the show. I knew I had done an OK job when Sandra says she now can’t go into the kitchen without playing the pots and pans.

I hope you enjoy the piece. Creativity for all!