My third podcast for Sound On Sound magazine was all about the magical invisible instrument called the “theremin” that is 100 years old this year.

The theremin has to be one of the oldest electronic music instruments. It was invented, apparently by accident, by the physicist Lev Termen (also known as Leon Theremin). It was then produced by Moog who have just produced a centenary edition of the instrument called “Claravox” which in turn honours the virtuosa Clara Rockmore who knew Leon Theremin and helped refine his electronic music instrument.

And so we unpack the story of this magical instrument as I talk with a few members of the theremin community: Cyril Lance (chief developer at Moog), Dorit Chrysler (thereminist, artist), Bruce Woolley (thereminist and co-producer of classic hits such as Video Killed The Radio Star and Slave To The Rhythm) and Katia Isakoff (theremini player, musician and producer). With music extracts including a sharing from The Clara Rockmore Foundation.

Curating, creating and producing this podcast was a wonderful adventure in sound, technology and most importantly, dedicated creative people.

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