Here’s some new music I created during the UK Covid Stay at Home quarantine time. It’s another of my signature wonky waltzes as I think the world could do with more waltzing! Video by Andrea Pazos.

I created this for Delia Derbyshire Day, a charity I have set up and project manage. The Matthew Nicholls Foundation contacted us to ask if we’d like to do a creative project for young people while they are not able to attend school. So people of all ages sent in  sounds they liked around the house and then myself, Mandy Wigby and Ash Thorpe made new music from these contributions inspired by Delia Derbyshire and the music concrete/found sound music they pioneered using tape.

The sounds I had to play with included playing wine glasses, slo mo dice being rolled,  a Jenga tower crashing down, slo mo swifts flying in the sky, playing water bottles, running a stick across a radiator and Alice the Chicken clucking away.

I also asked a handful of folk to record themselves saying the word “connected” in English and a number of other languages. So you can learn how to say connected in German, Russia, Italian, French, Spanish, Hindi, Danish and British Sign Language!

It was nourishing and so much fun to make this sample-based multi-lingual track with the amazing sounds people sent us. Both Delia and I love a wonky waltz, so we hope you enjoy the journey with Andrea’s brilliant visuals. Please remember we are all connected even in these more isolated times. And reach out if you need to.