Janet beat interview screenshot

I am excited to share a wonderful chat I had with Janet Beat. Aged 81 and based in Scotland, Janet describes herself as “the second woman electronic music composer in the UK”. Only in the timeline of best known professional composers. Daphne Oram came first, then Delia Derbyshire became known after Janet had set up electronic studios in Scotland and composed works for tape, effects and other electronic devices. A simplified version of the electronic music landscape at the time perhaps, but an important point that Janet Beat is also a key figure in the development of electronic music in the UK.

It was amazing to hear of her journey, overcoming opposition whilst enjoying some great opportunities. I find it fascinating to hear of the experiences of these pioneering people of experimental electronic music. I wrote up our phone chat as an interview for the British Music Collection (run by Sound and Music) which is where I first happened across Janet and her music.

You can read the full interview over at British Music Collection.

Thank you to Janet for being up for sharing your story. And thank you to Sound and Music for supporting our work.