Here’s a podcast I made for female:pressure – an international database and support network for women, womxn and non binary identifying peoples working in the multi-faceted fields stemming from electronic music club culture.

This is a journey through some of the tracks that I listened to most in my formative years as an electronic musician. Some of them I listened to repeatedly before I even knew I was going to be an electronic music composer, producer, performer and more. As I make a new collection at the moment, I am falling in love with the possibilities of electronic sound, how there is such a vast palette of sonic hues we can sculpt to pinpoint the emotional communicaition I need to express. And then there’s the space between the sounds where more magic can happen.

I hope you enjoy this snapshot of my personal electronic music heritage, from Massive Attack to Autechre and Bjork via Warp Records electronica classics by Leila and Broadcast.