I am excited to share the trailer for the first performance of “In The Footsteps” which took place at Manchester Art Gallery in March 2019.

The performance wad filmed and trailer produced by Luna Film.

Trailer – In the Footsteps (of Delia Derbyshire and Li Yuan-chia), with Madelon Hooykaas and Caro C at Manchester Art Gallery from LunaFilm on Vimeo.

“In The Footsteps” is a collaboration with the marvellous Madelon Hooykaas, an artist and one of the video art pioneers of the 1960s/70s. Madelon invited me to work with her on a new moving image work about her personal connections with Delia Derbyshire (the woman behind the original and iconic Dr Who theme) and Li Yuan Chia (a Chinese artist who settled in Cumbria). Delia and Li also knew each other as Delia worked at Li’s LYC museum near Hadrian’s Wall in the 1970’s. Madelon worked with Li and Delia and wanted to make a new work exploring these artists and her connections with them. I produced a soundtrack, performed live using prepared piano sounds, voice, piano and electronic music. This new work was commissioned by Manchester Art Gallery and supported by LYC Foundation and Paul Mellon Centre.

It was a joy and privilege to work with such an experienced and dedicated artist. I do love the constant learning of my musical trajectory!