UCEN1514 dreamers

It’s nice to still have firsts. And this is the first time I have worked with dancers and choreographers. Making music for contemporary dance students at Manchester College as they respond to the “Dreamers” sculpture by Elisa Artesero with choreographer Belinda Grantham and theatre director Graham Hicks. In an almost 20 minute piece, the dancers will move around and between the giant steel letters with light designed by Elisa too.

I had lots of fun creating almost all new music, getting back to my electronica roots, playing with my new Arturia soft synth collection and using almost no vocals. And good old “Kleine Melodie” (on my first album “Es Muss Sein”) as the resolving final track.

Come and see the performance at Elisa’s artist studios on THURS 19 APRIL at 8.45pm.
Click here for more info on the Dreamers dance performance.