“People United believes that the arts and culture have a powerful and unique role to play in bringing about social change”

As you may know my last album Til You’re No Longer Blinkered had behind it a concept of self-knowledge and self-compassion in the aim of connecting with self and others for a happier healthier individual and society.

This might seem all a bit fluffy and can feel like that when I try to articulate it.

So I was very happy to come across an organisation called People United who have conducted research into the whether The Arts can be a ‘Superconductor’ for kindness, compassion, connection and belonging. They say:

“At first kindness can seem rather lightweight, particularly if it is understood as only referring to individual acts of generosity and thoughtfulness. However, a deeper examination reveals it as a muscular concept with a rich heritage. Stemming from the old English word ‘cynd’, kindness indicates a common humanity emphasising our connections in the present and across time..”

cat singing

And what with our what I can only describe as a consistently disheartening Tory/coalition government (and prospective British government alternatives) and other separatist agencies – it is becoming more pressing for me that compassion is key. Surely it is part of really growing up and evolving?
Some sense of connected-ness to others you share the air with?

As I develop a new live show and hopefully a new recordings/mini-album for 2015, I reflect on what seems to be becoming a driving force behind my music – compassion and inter-connectedness..maybe I am getting too idealistic..can I really expect music to be a tool for social change?

"the universe is in you, you are complete"