Just catching up with myself after our first Delia Derbyshire Day and Delia Darlings little Northern Tour which took place in Jan 2013.

Caro C Delia Darlings tour Sheffield gig 18 Jan 2013 with visuals by Kara Blake. Picture by Simon Foster

It was touching how much love and respect for the late great Delia Derbyshire and her experimental electronic music there is out there. The pixie/hippy in me hope she felt it. The response “inspiring” cropped up a few times. And some excellent radical programming went on tour wise, with Kara Blake’s creative documentary The Delian Mode being played to a room full of folk with pints and not a peep was muttered (or allowed once a good few shush’s had been expressed). Aces.

And, my, did i thoroughly enjoyed being back on stage.

Such a joy not struggling against all that horrid pain.

And employing a laptop on stage (with a variety of hardware effects) for the first time was also alot more enjoyable and performative than I had anticipated.

For more musings on my current live kit do visit a feature/interview with Kit monsters.

Caro C kit korg poly 800

A few reviews of all the music performances can be perused at Delia Derbyshire Day project blog.

Also, here is what is possibly my most personal interview as yet with Tim Abbot of Light Chronicles for his Technical Difficulties radio show on Resonance FM. Gosh can I waffle on.

And guess what, I will be appearing on CBBC with Dick and Dom as they present their new series Absolute Genius on CBBC with a programme looking at Delia Derbyshire. We did a ridiculous remake of Delia’s amazing realisation of the original Dr Who theme tune using largely found (and yes, animal) sounds. WED 20 FEB at 18:15 i believe..

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