pont de singe at Tatton Park biennial 2012

As someone who labours over lyrical lexicon and conceptualises my compositions, how refreshing to just do it!

All thanks due to good friend and regular collaborateur Shirokuma as he adapted his long held practice of the Piss Shivers. There are rules to this creative exercise to get one back to the sheer joy of being in the moment of making music, abandoning preoccupation with finished product/presentable outcome.

So the rules:

1. Write and record a track in no more than one hour – including writing lyrics – 1st takes count for vocals!

2. Edit, arrange and mix the track in no more than one hour

And in the words of the Piss Shivers meister himself: “You can cheat on the rules, but you’re only cheating yourself.”

Of course this fun can be exercised – or exorcised – solo or in collaboration. We did it in collaboration and i found it thoroughly fun and helpful for getting me into getting down new music. And making new music for me – as the lack of time to ponder led me to experiment with ways of making experimental music and electronic music. And surprising for me, humour prevailed – and a creative story (instead of my customary navel gazing!)

And here it is, a ridiculous little ditty called “Happy death”:

happy death mix1

Do you have any top tips/tricks/tools for unlocking fresh creativity? Please do share 🙂

spaceship crash landed at Tatton Park biennial 2012