As a harbourer of an electronic music blog, I couldn’t forego commenting upon Bjork’s latest journey into sound (and everything).

After a headphone immersion session with Biophilia, i am bemused and beguiled. The magic and steadfastness of the Manchester International Festival show this summer abides in the recording.

I feel it’s her most experimental music to date? The space, spaces between. The meandering vocals, melodies and mostly spasmodic beat patterns are like their own little chaos theory. There may be pattern therein. Or i suspect she could just be exploring her intuitology.

And so it is intriguing and beckoning. Not necessarily offering the gratification of easier graspable, holler along regular patterns.

But stunning and immense is Bjork’s Biophilia. For it is not just this album. Fully fledged now with all the new instruments and all other things and apps and people that have made this..

And of course some slick engineering in there. For the audio nerds, she largely used an SM58 for recording her vocals with very little compression (according to technical enabler Damian Taylor).

I know she is not everyone’s cup of tea, but you have to at least respect her standing as one of the true pioneering female solo artists.

And still with one little Indian records – who seem to sell the various formats of Biophilia cheapest!

***And in other news***

An interesting blog post about the amazing Wall St Occupation – amazing because it actually happened and amazing that it was not all over the UK media..