Well all seems to be proceeding well back-wise – life is still thankfully such a lot easier. Therefore just a mammoth task of staying in the now what with so many exciting prospects ahead.

And I am finding myself rather regularly turning to these three creative music makers. They have been and continue to be a balm with their healing music. So well crafted are their varying shades of experimental music delivered with an authentic and very human approach that it is not surprising they offer such pleasing resonance.

Have one on me by Joanna Newsom

So first it has to be Joanna Newsom‘s latest offering Have one on Me. I first came across this amazing lady when her debut album Milk Eyed Mender was being played in RPM record store in Newcastle. Her voice was a little too candid at that time for my liking but something in her lilt and turn of phrase touched me.

And for me she has only got better, more complex and enchanting more me with each new release. And to me, this triple album is just resplendent with sublime vocal tones, gorgeous harp and piano-ness and wonderful story-telling.

Secondly it is Ludovico Einaudi to whom I have turned alot in the last year or so. He is now well heard via his advert and soundtrack works. Twas my Mum who turned me on to this slightly experimental but o so accessible contemporary classical composer.

When I tentatively played her Mammoth Mountain – the opening track to my newest independent album – she said it reminded her of Ludovico Einaudi. Who? I said. And soon checked him out.

And of course he is alot more talented than meagre Grade 2 ish me. But this Nightbook tour and album does involve some lovely little delays on the piano, courtesy of Berlin electronic dude Robert Lippok. And he makes healing music probably simply in the way that he plays it, never mind the sweet little riffs he cooks up.

And thirdly I am really enjoying Manchester based gents Elbow‘s new album Build a Rocket Boys. On Spotify I have to admit. I know they are not the most experimental music I could support but what they do is simply lush to me, and still creative music. With their gentle from the heart and harmonies and anthemic tunes and more lovely recording engineered by the competent Craig Potter.

And Guy Garvey’s grainy and endearing voice and actually very poetic lyricisms do work on me. Even a healthy bit of 3/4 time to elevate and relate – and there are not enough 3/4 time waltzes in the world in my opinion. This track is definitely the “One Day Like this” British Gas tune follow-up with the choir already on board. Holler, in a triumphant pub sing-song sort of way and know you’re not alone..

On the lesser known artist front I am enjoying Julianna Barwick‘s new album The Magic Place and the debut EP by fellow Manchester collaborator Jacob H James.

Any other healing suggestions?