gosh, time doesn’t fly when you’re laptop is being resuscitated. no more time to dilly dally my dear readers, new album unleash landmarks are only getting closer. naturally, scary and exciting for me – hopefully vaguely titillating for thee.

Though so much caro snatch action has occured in my not self-imposed online exile and mostly housebound-ness as pain levels continue to be pretty ridiculous. Now I understand I am hoping for perhaps unrealistic attention span with all this information but check the variety and hope you will be suitably stimulated and satiated for now. So, with no further ado:

Album teaser #3

This final teaser is an extract from “Sense ability”, a revamp from a track I wrote in Berlin which didn’t make it on to the first album. And now I know why. The synthetic strings in the original version have been gracefully superseded by Steve Boyce-Buckley’s wonderful arrangement based on my pentatonic midi renditions. And executed by the Mancky Strings quartet.

And Jacob H James – with the charming grain of Thom Yorke/Guy Garvey hybrid in my ears – was the perfect yang/animus counterpart to my vocals.

Finally Bagbeater sent me a few more loops to add to the textures.

Captured at a derelict overgrown house in Whalley Range, Manchester, UK by Doodlebug.

me & Steve B-B beavering at Gracieland

thegirlsare.com feature

First album response online!

“Talented, imaginative, able to fit a crazy amount of stuff into the time it takes me to shower, eat some toast and prepare to start the day… I’d be insanely jealous if there wasn’t something so damn alluring about Caro Snatch’s work.” the girls are.com

A far too complimentary account of my journey and new offering (and not totally accurate: double-decker bus was in working order and I played alongside COS and Andrea Parker, not toured).

Kleine Melodie in Kate Jessop’s new short film

Many folk’s favourite ladylike number Kleine Melodie features in a recent film commission ‘Dear Foreigner’ from Milan’s Letters Festival by Kate Jessop – an adaptation of a real letter a woman wrote to her son she gave up at birth, read by Cernie Burnell. It will be premiered at the festival in Milan on 10th October 2010.

Dear Foreigner – extract from Kate Jessop on Vimeo.

Lapis Lazuli compilation – Mexico

Rare – even for me – little soundscape, beat and word-play track “Rumple Still Skin” features on Lapis Lazuli Compilation on Blaq Records.

LapizLazuli Cover smaller1

Lila D has put together this compilation bringing together lots of female talent from around the globe, sharing different styles of electronic music. Most girls on this compilation are part of the female:pressure network.

O, and previous 2 releases are now on SPOTIFY!