i have happened across a couple of unappreciative reviews of Queen of Smooth’s new lead single from new album ‘Soldier of Love’. A Guardian review concluded the track was lame and dull with not much happening (from what i recall). Yet i was struck by the track immediately when played on Radio 2 when it was record of the week a while ago (and not heard much of it since).


It was the slick beat snare rolls (surely quantised/programmed?) and general stylish yet warm beat production. Then it was the space between, as the grace laid in the not much going on factor for me. And this all supported the barren battle-worn story of the track. And then Sade’s silky poised vocals therein telling the story of her service as a soldier in this minefield. One for the head, heart and haunches hence gets my approval.

Granted the rest of the album is a bit too cheesy and formula for me. But this track rocks and so does Ms Adu (writer, producer and programmer on most album tracks), even if she may have succumbed to a splash of cosmetic stretching…

Embedding of video has been disabled by Sony – now that is boring…So press here for the also slick and spacious video