So, I am officially a little bit crazy. After all them years in pain that I have now been somewhat liberated from, I am now going looking for adversity. I am doing the Great North Swim 2014 on 14 June at Lake Windermere – yes it is the one that Davina MacColl did and nearly died or something (I don’t have a tele).


I do love my outdoor swimming and wanted a challenge to celebrate feeling/being able. So myself and my sister and niece will throw ourselves in little England’s largest lake and hopefully swim for a mile without getting brain freeze. And yes also in aid of a charidee: NAPAC – which is an organisation that supports and helps adults who were abused as children. In their own words:

Our USP is that we help people open up and talk about the abuse they suffered. This helps them recover and makes it harder for abusers to hide. This is an important contribution to making the UK a safer place for children today.

And if you know me and/or my lyrics, you may have gathered that I am all for acknowledgement => release and finally growing up.

So if you can spare a few pennies or pounds, CLICK on the JUST GIVING button here to sponsor us:

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Thank you!