Welcome to the online listening version of “Lawr I’r Mor/DownToTheSea” – A dance and music performance commissioned as part of Castell 03 Arts Festival in Caernarfon, North Wales in June 2018.

This is not the performance version (the performance version has a minute of silence at one point in the journey).

This electronic music and sound design piece is intended for headphones.

The dance and sound journey begins in the upper courtyard and moves down the castle via the Great Hall and the Queen’s Tower, through the Queen’s gate (not usually for public access), down to the jetty outside the Anglesey Arms pub and then along the promenade to the quote inscribed on slate “Yma wyf finna i fod”/“I am where I am supposed to be”.

This commission was such a joy to work on. After doing this and another music for dance commission earlier this year, I now know I love making music/sound for dance/movement which I had suspected I would. It was great to work with creative folk living in North Wales as I am getting to know the mountains and natural elements already and this people based connection is so enriching.

Choreography: Rosalind Holgate Smith
Dancers: Rosalind Holgate Smith and Lisa Spaull
Music-audio: Caro C
Voices: Harry Williams, Manon Awst, Bethany Celyn

Music inspired by “Yma wyf finna i fod” by Geraint Lovgreen, words by Meirion Macintyre Hughes
Extract from “Yma wyf finna i fod” sung by Bethany Celyn & Manon Awst