For a few years now, I have designed and been delivering an introduction to electronic music and music technology in partnership with One Education Music. For academic years 2015-2017 the course has been subsidised by Manchester Music Hub as a New Initiative, making it more accessible for schools to inspire and educate pupils about electronic music and music in general as the course covers the key musical skills and inter-related dimensions of music outlined in the National Plan for Music.

Apparently I have now worked in 24 schools in Greater Manchester!

And amazingly, there has been 100% rate of participation and learning – not one pupil has said they haven’t enjoyed the course nor have I had one who has not wanted to do it.

The course is inspired by the work and working methods of Delia Derbyshire (1937-2001), with her most famous work being the realisation of the original Dr Who theme in 1963 – an iconic piece of electronic music that still lives on in popular culture today.

Thank you Jeff Downs for filming and compiling this short film and thank you to all the kids who have jumped on board my electronic music education endeavours and inspired me too!

We recently presented a seminar event at John Rylands Library to highlight and review our work with key music education people in Manchester and Derbyshire. The highlight of the session was of course the confident pupils from Abbey Hey Primary (who had completed the 5 week course) teaching the adults how to get started making electronic music with the Garageband app.

More info about my electronic music education work on the creative facilitator page and I was also invited to write this “Electronic Equality” article in International Arts Manager magazine.