For the first electronic music podcast I have made for Sound On Sound magazine in 2021, I spoke with the Grammy award winning self-producing artist Imogen Heap.

I happened across Imogen’s work when she was making her Ellipse album which is now the name of her lush Round House recording space. My, this woman makes stuff happen! She was instrumental in the development of the MiMu gloves – a gestural music making controller you literally wear as a glove. Then there is the software Glover that goes with that they are launching as a revolutionary music making and manipulation app. And Gliss, it’s mobile app sister I guess.

On top of all this Imogen has also recently set up the Creative Passport – a database and one stop shop for independent artists to manage their promo and royalties. I really need to find the time to sign up.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that her musical skills are amazing too – look up the live version of Hide and Seek, a lush vocal track built up using the MiMu gloves.

Hats off to Imogen for working so hard, realising her ideal tech set up for her own music and instigating new ways for us all to make and manage music. It must have taken courage to get where she is today! Imogen is an ambassador for Drake Music who I work with also – Drake works with disabled musicians to overcome barriers and champion disabled musicians.

Click here to visit the Imogen Heap SOS podcast page