Podcast production – editing, mixing and mastering – has saved my sonic bacon this year. Author and activist Manda Scott (The Boudica Series, Orange Prize shortlisted novelist) set up Accidental Gods last winter as an action to reach more people with her dedicated work to promote and support conscious evolution – to help “create the the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible” (Charles Eisenstein).

Working on this every Monday has been such a nourishing discipline, especially during this somewhat physically isolated year for me. Manda’s guests are always so knowledgeable with deep commitment and dedication to a better world that is good for all: the planet, the human and the beyond human world. It’s so ace to know there are so many wonderful people making wonderful new schools of thought and things happen amidst the crazy wonderful of our society and planet’s current predicament.

Podcast production requires sensitivity. You want the voices to sound as transparent and human as possible but there are lots of adjustments that need to be made and plenty of micro-editing which takes patience. Right up my sound sculpting street!

So, congratulations to Manda and Faith for making it to one year old with the Accidental Gods podcast. With over 60,000 downloads so far, their work is radiating well so far!

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