It was such an honour to be asked by Sound On Sound magazine to interview the electronic music pioneer and all round lovely human Suzanne Ciani to launch their electronic music channel podcast this month.

When I was laid up, disabled and unable to work, fellow electronic music makers of the Newcastle electronica/electronic music community used to give me their old copies of Sound on Sound magazine and I would voraciously feast on all the information and learning as I was starting out as an electronica artist and producer. So imagine my geek squeak when they asked me to do this!

Suzanne Ciani was a fascinating and most friendly interviewee with some amazing insights, wisdom and experience in the electronic music, synth and sound design worlds.

I love to hear from the trailblazers, our electronic music ancestors. Suzanne was possibly the second woman to compose for a Hollywood movie (in the 1980’s), provided sound design for iconic brands like coca-cola and games such as Xenon pinball machine. Her career is very much still alive and well as she tours worldwide with her Buchla modular synth and releases with Finders Keepers Records based here in Manchester, UK.

I hope you enjoy this exchange between 2 women passionate about and in love with electronic music!

Click here to visit the SOS podcast page.