I am so grateful that I have been awarded funding by Help Musicians UK to support the production of my new, fourth, album! This was under the Do it Differently programme for musicians/artists that either self-produce, self-release or self-promote. Of which I do all three as I gave up chasing labels a good few years back.

HMUK DiD Caro C awardee pic 4blog

So, “Electric Mountain” is go!

This funding support will mean I can enlist help and support including production/arrangement mentoring, record a lithophone (like a xylophone but made of slate – see the mountain reference? this is real rock music) and have my trusty vocal coach in the studio with me to midwife more confident vocal recordings.

It’s so ace that this support exists and I look forward to making the most of it as I embark on the journey of another creative electronic music alboom. I love the opportunity for story telling over the arc of the album structure (even if most people listen on random or shuffle these days) and it’s such a nourishing process of growth with its challenges and that.

Thank you Help Musicians UK for believing in me, more “Electric Mountain” news coming soon 🙂