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I am very excited and grateful for another wonderful creative opportunity – a sound/music commission collaborating with dancer Rosalind Holgate-Smith to take place at Caernarfon Castle in North Wales.

‘Lawr i’r Mor/Down to the Sea’ is an intimate and dreamlike promenade performance that transports audiences from the castle down to the sea. Two dancers embody the sea whilst also responding to the environment, the castle and the historic town of Caernarfon.

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The performance will be presented as part of Castell 03, an arts festival based in Caernarfon Castle, with the thematic focus ‘I’r Mor/To the Sea’ to coincide with Cymru Wales 2018 Year of the Sea.

It has been most interesting to get to know this town and some of its people with an estimated 85-95% Welsh speaking population. So I even get to learn a new language (language nerd alert). I have interviewed two artists (Manon Awst and Bethany Celyn) who chose to move to or return to Caernarfon and a 95 year old fisherman who knows the sea so well. Their voices will be integrated into the atmospheric electronic music based soundtrack I am creating designed for headphones.

Found sounds for this project are water based such as the nice clinking of a metal water bottle (while getting that whoop sound by swilling the water in the bottle) and a giant water bottle drum.

The piece and its music is particularly inspired by the quote “Yma wyf finna i fod”/“I am where I am supposed to be”, which can be found inscribed in slate on Caernarfon promenade. The dancers’ and audience’s journey from the castle will conclude here. I understand the quote comes from a poem by Meirion Macintyre Hughes. There is also a song inspired by “Yma wyf finna i fod” by Geraint Lovgreen, which has in turn inspired my new work.

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Two FREE performances of ‘Lawr i’r Mor/Down to the Sea’ will take place on SAT 23 JUNE at 2 & 4pm as part of the ‘Art Tour’ designed by lead artist Manon Awst. For more info and to book your ticket please visit our Eventbrite page.

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