A random one, even for me, I know.

I was intrigued to come across the call for electronic remixes of Austrian yodeling on my female:pressure members’ postings. A fun post-op recuperation project to get me back on the horse after decadent album Gracieland dream studio production I thought. And it was fun remixing yodel samples with a more electronic, albeit creative music approach and effects.

voixtronik remix contest 2011

And the outcome has been selected as 1 of 3 finalists for the vocal sample section of the contest – the Breinlinger singing family performing “Saudirndl- Jodler”.

The project has been organised by Voixtronik 2011 and the final took place in Salzburg, Austria. The project aims to promote reflection and innovation through the experimentation of traditional music with modern electronic means and poses the question:

What happens when traditional Alpine folk music and electronic music meet?

And here is my response:

Caro snatch – voixtronik vocal resonance mix by carosnatch

Please note the bassline is lost on laptop/computer speakers so best advised to absorb with headphones or via ‘proper’ speakers.
Mild apologies, but I became attached to the subby bassline and decided against tailoring to no low frequency systems ;>

And the winner was:

Sssaudearndl, Doo by Roman Gerold