Another UK-centric post I’m afraid as I cannot ignore the significant events taking place here with all the incessant talks and carrying out of cuts.

This is also a bit of a blog post about other blog posts. I have come across a handful of eloquent and well-considered posts that I don’t think I could trump with my limited knowledge, understanding and information.

Such as Johann Hari’s The Biggest Lie in British Politics and an interesting riposte The Biggest Confusion in British Politics.

I cannot help but feel dismayed and saddened at the political strategy of cutting or just removing essential services which I feel are integral to a so-called advanced society. I find the choices of what to cut and why to cut at all to be inhumane, individualistic and actually detrimental to our communities’ and society’s well-being. I can’t help feeling that we are being led in a direction of a very impoverished society with a shameful lack of social responsibility.

the love molecule

Perhaps I’m just selfsih. Music & arts organisations and services are no longer valued. Of course, I cherish the value of participating and absorbing art(s) and know and respect the benefits of the arts to personal and communiity health and well-being. And I would like to keep being inspired and facilitating others to do so. My only question to ACE Chief Executive Alan Davey was: Did you challenge the fact of whether the cuts were necessary at all?

So then I just wondered if I was just too used to all these services that so many other countries do not have, and therefore I had the entitlement affliction. I started to question my motives/drive to contest all these cuts:

Am I just anti-rich and bitter because I am not rolling in abundance and more privelege at present? Would I care if I was?

Do I really want to be harbouring resentment towards (politically employed) individuals, seeing them as bad and me as oh so right?

Am I just a Keynesian supporter of a massive (welfare) state, stuck in the past and refusing to move forward in our capitalist advancement?

And then I came across this post which seems to articulate what I am feeling:A Deficit in Humanity on Sturdyblog

the love molecule

I like to think we are evolving as human beings. At being human. This is central to my music and my life even if I may only be a beginner and/or a late developer.

And evolving on the inner landscape means honesty (with self and others), respecting (and therefore wanting to exert the least damage upon) self, others, and our home, the earth. Moving beyond the traps and vicious circles of the ego towards a more responsible awareness of ourselves and others. Hence new album – Til You’re No Longer Blinkered

We are connected. Hey I know, I am learning how the universe works ;> Ideal I know, but it’s the direction not the destination that matters, n’est ce pas?

I was struck by Mandela’s line after being released and made president in 1990, that it is about “working towards” not “working against”. We were moving towards and now it’s all about fighting against. Darn shame.

So that is why all the you can go without life and soul-essential services while a few can still be financially better off or at least not lose a penny or a glass of vintage wine from our No.10 cellars doesn’t sit comfortably with me (and I can even sit comfortably for a bit these days). This is despicable to me, the personal is universal and the universal is personal.

We do need a society where we feel we are in it together, not a big apocalypse where most of us are out of it together.

here’s a PiL style song and video by musical companyero Aidan Jolly:

And here is just a great track by the fun and funky Bunty Looping to lighten the load: