Promise, last bit of me, me, me for one year…Right then, thanks to the committed team at Emms Publicity and my own urge to communicate my truth of the sonic kind, we have a variety of properly engaging interviewers probing into the galaxy that is the experimental electronic music explorations a la snatch.

Photo by Marta Julve; Hair & Make-up by Nikki Armstrong; Dress by Naomi Daley; Photo at Nexus Art Cafe

Gaydar Nation
enquires about the album’s magic moments, my fantasy gig and lesbians following me.

“Caro Snatch creates her own brand of sound, toying with musical conventions and intertwining elements from avant-garde, electronic, classical, spoken word and pop worlds.”

Newcastle Journal
probes into my Geordie musical beginnings, life on a bus (which i co-owned I’ll have to have you know) and my Mum & Dad’s jobs.

“She set herself the task of learning all she could about sound recording, turning herself into a musical mistress of all trades.”

Chimp Magazine
Good old hardcopy only with this Manchester based one folks.Rev Porl asks whether I am ever truly myself & my desert island instrument & disc..

“Caro Snatch ploughs her own strange furrow to the stars on her second full album.”

photo by Marta Julve; hair & make-up by Nikki Armstrong; armchair sourced by Barney Doodlebug

Blank Pages
Elaine Wilson gets into my principles and o so unique processes in this new caro snatch album in Issue 29 produced by ever-expanding Manchester based art platform Blank Media

“Caro’s music comes from such a personal and authentic place, it is hard not to hear anything that doesn’t resonate with your own circumstances”

BBC Manchester Introducing
Introducing asks about getting so many folks involved and why would I include the remixes..

“Caro snatch remains one of Manchester’s most unique musical assets.”