love yourself...til you're no longer blinkered

“one of Manchester’s most unique musical assets.”
BBC radio manchester piece

There’s an in-depth interview about the caro snatch album and my experimental electronic music approaches & processes in Issue 29 of Blank Pages produced by ever-expanding Manchester based art platform Blank Media

Some radio presenters’ comments:

“Mancunian spoken word sonic enchantress” Max Reinhardt, Late Junction on BBC Radio 3

“A wonderful thing…a fine production all round” – On the Wire, BBC Radio Lancashire

“Brilliantly bonkers” Sam Walker, BBC Manchester introducing

A brilliantly strange and adventurous release” Tom Robinson introducing show, 6music

Well, “Til you’re no longer blinkered” the second caro snatch album I have been beavering on and rambling on about for what feels like a good many moons, is now ready for you to absorb, share & purchase at caro snatch Bandcamp

Why Bandcamp? Because it gives you – my cherished potential listener – the option to download higher resolution FLAC as well as the squashed MP3.

Special edition CD lovingly constructed and assembled can also be ordered from the caro snatch bandcamp and will be sent to you from my inner city cottage industry.

No longer just a lone ranger exuding experimental electronic music, this album features a score of musically skilled good eggs, toying with elements from the avant-garde, classical, pop and spoken word worlds. Featuring instruments such as theremin, marimba, saws, junk drumkit, good ole drumkit and bass guitar, mezzo soprano, string quartet & more.

Mammoth appreciation to all who have assisted in this project, so many angels have helped me make this happen.
Touched and thoroughly nourished I am.

It is also on Spotify (search caro snatch), itunes, CD baby and the like..

I do hope you enjoy the journey. Best appreciated with ‘deliciously large headphones’ (a lovely lyric by the wonderful lady Seaming).

Feedback so far includes the girls who wrote “It’s an ambitious record, both technically and creatively, and Caro’s strong vocals lead you from track to track.”

This album is in warm memory of Ben Agbamu, my fairy godfather. His love, light and giggles helped me to become less blinkered. RIP

final album teaser #3