Album teaser # 1:

And here we have a candid lil documentary of photo shoot #2 courtesy of Senyor Doodlebug.

Featuring make-up meistress Madame Tukatz aka Nikki Armstrong. And wow what a palette she has and an intuitive feel for what was exactly was right for me to transform me into the smokey eyed 60’s pixie i desired.

And photos captured and encouraged by young Marta Julve, with her mature, slightly surreal sexy eye for a picture that tells a story.

nikki cameras on me demesne 66pcent

This action took place at a delightfully overgrown derelict house on Demesne Road, in Whalley Range, South Manchester (UK). Took me a little time to get into it, especially as upon arrival a pro-active resident informed us that she had invited the police along to see us. Despite my ridiculous done-up ness and diplomacy, she was determined to believe we had landed on her doorstep to do damage.

Then, once i realised the police force did have more pressing concerns and weren’t gonna show up, i started to really enjoy it, communicating to/with the camera and by the end getting a bit too model-esque (check dodgy poses around 2min in!). Oopseedaisy. Lucky me.

sortin meself chair green 44pcent

Track extract hails from the album’s opening track “mammoth mountain” featuring Steve Boyce-Buckley’s wonderful string arrangement executed by Mancky Strings.