I feel like sharing a few tips and tricks regarding getting that superstar, it sounds like a record, vocal production.

A recent conversation with Chris at Blacklisted Mastering – who is currently doing a very pleasing mid-side job on my new album – resulted in a resolution to try mono reverb on a lead vocal. To keep the focus and poignancy of the focal fulcrum of the track/song. Interesting idea I will try on a current track I am preparing for a Mexican compilation…

cat singing

And then there’s the trick that I came across after investing in Stav’s rather indulgent tutorial book Mixing with your Mind. He dedicates a chapter to capturing and sculpting that magic vocal track with his perhaps unorthodox but always intuitive approach to recording and mixing. Bit I liked most and use quite often is to have a stereo pair (say AKG c451’s or budget equivalent) equilaterally triangled behind your main vocal mic and don’t compress this signal. This leads to a “bigger” sound when singer volume is increased making the vocal more epic in my opinion.

Oh, and I like to play with what was apparently a Police/Sting Trevor Horn trick shared to me by guest producer on my album and SSR studio engineering tutor Steve-Boyce Buckley: a short stereo delay (approx. 8 secs on one side, 12 on the other) on the vocal perhaps even instead of reverb gives it more body and weight…

untapped tuning fork

well, I’ve shown you mine as an experimental music maker and intuitive sound engineer, are you confident enough to divulge yours?
What’s your favourite tricks and blasted myths?