My revolutionary new album “til you’re no longer blinkered” was going to be credited by ‘caro snatch and a score of good eggs’ but wise advice from one of them good eggs has swayed me to return to the clearer caro snatch moniker..

So, almost completing the compendium of them said good eggs, tracks 6 & 7 feature many that have already graced the album with their sonic presence and a few new superstar souls.

Track 6 – entitled Heart Knock Schule – is a suitably wonky gospel inspired choral rolling drum loop affair. Hence funky toms-a-blazing drums courtesy of Andy Hodson. And equally funked up bassline by Janet Wolstenholme.

And then, thanks to Jacob H James booking out SSR on the night-shift again – I endeavoured to create a choir in an hour from Manchester based friends (plus my little sister). I couldn’t stop myself from going into workshop mode with the warm-ups and then we launched into the choral chant of “in the heart, in the heart knock schule” and even included some harmonising humming. And so by the time we had snatched enough, this generous and feeling it group of individuals had named themselves the Humming Birds.

The humming birds - a choir created in under an hour

And the Humming Birds from Left to Right are Paul Green, Gemma Weightman, me with eyes closed, Maria Connectionist, Mark Shirokuma, Danielle Churchill and Kathleen McGinty. Taking the photo is eighth member Jacob H James.

Final track before the remix coda is Icarus. And for this one I let my intuitology take the helm (as Gil Scott Heron, we have to have an ology nowadays). And to beef up the fluid flows I enlisted Jacob H James to strum and squeak his guitar and lend his dulcit vocal tones. And then my highly estimed and inspiring Brighton Beatabet companyera Bunty interweaved some suitably feral vocal excursions and good ole juicy gob beats.

Icarus by Mike Kirkup