Thanks to Women in Electronic Music facebook group I came across this opportunity to get my mitts on one of my hero’s superlative pieces. Her 7 minute epic deals with heavy universal issues with humour and grace.

Only an expert Laurie Anderson remix by carosnatch

As you may already be aware, I have been likened to the beacon lady Laurie on a few occasions with my own wayward experimentations. “Laurie Anderson on acid” is one of my favourite caro snatch reference quotes in fact. So could not pass up this opportunity to play with her creative music elements and get my mitts on her rich voice and superlative poetry.

As every good remix in my opinion, I have made my own story/take on Laurie’s original intentions and really enjoyed the textures and percussion elements. I supplemented a little bit of my own vocal response as I tend to explore the inner landscapes in my lyrical waxing. Also felt inspired to add some slightly feral backing vocal sirens, whines and mutterings amidst the more electronic music to reinforce the pending apocalyptic mood of the piece. This is the beginning…